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Launch Getting Closer…

Beau Satchelle has begun the countdown to launch! It is our hope to bring you on our journey of building our brand to contend in the luxury lifestyle market.

It has been a splendid, yet humbling experience preparing for the introduction of Beau Satchelle – crossing our T’s and dotting the I’s, completing the business plan, consistently writing and posting blogs by incorporating luxury lifestyle with our leather products and of course, the production process. As entrepreneurs with our new launch in the luxury leather category, it is just never enough hours in the day!

After a number of months of turning our visions into designs, which then were made into templates and then sourcing the right hides, threads and tools, T. Michael has diligently crafted a line in a few areas which will be revealed in the coming weeks and months.

What has been particularly interesting in the last several months is our participation into the world of wine. We were thrilled to be asked to design and showcase creations that are used exclusively by wine connoisseurs and lovers of wine in the areas of leather backpacks and messenger wine bottle carriers and leather wine tasting journals, along with bespoke leather accessories for the wine tasting world. And, as per request, we would also like to mention extending into bourbon and whisky tasting journals as well. We are anticipating that this project will cater to a market wanting heirloom quality luxuries for a lifetime of memories in which we are perfecting to serve.

T. Michael has always preferred to work his magic in bespoke items for the high end and affluent market that searches for one of a kind items, whether for home, fashion or travel. This pathway will allow us to offer other specialty merchandise for the discerning consumer seeking uniqueness and exclusivity to match their lifestyle.

As with any business who offers luxury products, photos are the lifeblood of that business whether they are used for our social media accounts, e-commerce or “traditional methods” (including magazines, public relations events or signage for our donated items for charitable auctions).

Showing T. Michael’s craftsmanship in a variety of pictorial approaches allows leather enthusiasts and purchasers to visually fall in love with our bespoke collection. Our objective is to showcase these lovely products that are designed, cut and sewn exclusively by hand and can rival some of the best of the best in regards to the national and international leather artisan community. As you will notice on our website, some visual choices will be “editorial” or pictures that tell a story. Sales via private label and bespoke will be available and displayed in various specialty shops and boutiques throughout the country so we can focus on creating and building the best luxury goods possible. And, we will offer a V.I.P. section on our website for those who are serious about commissioning a project from us.

The behind the scenes photo that is shown above is part of our photography shoot with our newest brilliant partners, FYT Productions. A near future blog will feature this amazing couple’s talent and their company’s success not only in Metro Detroit, but spanning the globe. Their work is divine and we can’t wait to unveil the beauty of Beau Satchelle captured through their lens and creativity.

Before closing, I want to express our gratitude to our family, friends, our creative network of vendors and mentors and lastly, our raving fans for your support. We are building an amazing social media following and want to thank you for connecting, liking or becoming a follower and most importantly, reading and re-tweeting our photos and content. -AJ

Fasten your seat belts readers, Beau Satchelle is revving her engines!

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