It’s Cold – Get Outside!

Brrr! It’s cold in North America this time of year, especially in Detroit, where we’re located. With Christmas and the holidays over, and with many weeks of winter left to come, it can get somewhat depressing this time of year. Most of us just want to turn up the thermostat, light a fire in the fireplace, and bundle up in our favorite woolly sweaters and drink a hot chocolate.

But wait! It doesn’t have to be depressing this winter. Depending on where you are located, winter happens from a few months to half the year every year, so you might as well take advantage of it. And winter doesn’t have to mean a death sentence for your sense of style. In fact, many fashionistas have learned to embrace the cold and the snow and make their winter wear and winter activities part of their style.

You don’t have to be especially outdoorsy or nature-oriented to enjoy this time of year. There are lots of things you can do to keep active this time of year. Read on for our favorites!

Take to the trails or to the slopes
Whether you prefer cross-country skiing or taking your adventures to great heights, skiing is a very popular activity in the winter. Head to Colorado, north to the Canadian Rockies or to Switzerland for some world-class skiing. Believe us, nothing screams luxury lifestyle like heading out for a day on the slopes and then sipping champagne or hot cocoa by the fire in your private ski lodge afterwards.

Go somewhere warm
Whether you head to Hawaii, the Caribbean or Los Angeles, a trip somewhere toasty warm is luxurious in the wintertime. Be sure to accessorize with warm-weather accessories, like a killer bathing suit, a bespoke luxury leather handbag from our current collection, and a pair of sky-high heels.

Take in some culture
Some days, you don’t want to go far, but you just have to get out of the house. May we suggest a day – and an evening – of art, culture and fine dining on the town? Put on your best winter coat, knee high leather boots, and carry all your daytime essentials in a quality hand-stitched leather tote and catch some musical theater or check out the latest exhibit at the local art gallery. For night, switch to a baby-soft leather clutch as you head out for some dinner and dancing. We have a style of bag for everyone, so be sure to explore our full collection! And don’t forget to swipe your lips with a vibrant red lipstick. Nothing cures the winter blues like a splash of color.

It’s not hard to beat the winter blues and the cold when the barometer drops. It’s just a matter of making up your mind to do something for yourself and to continue to live your life. Don’t spend this winter inside. Resolve to do more this winter, to see your friends and family, and to treat yourself well. #BeauSatchelleBlog

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