Interview with Grace of Color and Grace; Our New Brand Ambassador

This has been an exciting first year for Beau Satchelle. Creating a brand is a big challenge; designing, building, accounting, marketing, networking and most of all, selling. However, it couldn’t have ended any better than finding someone who can give you their side in an honest and well executed way. Therefore, we are proud and honored to feature our first Brand Ambassador in this exclusive interview.

We initially saw Grace on social media and started to follow her, getting to know her style and fashion sense because we were and are looking for individuals who have a certain charisma about themselves who exudes class and sophistication; in which in this case, Grace definitely has. During that time, we were convinced we would approach her with an offer to evaluate one of our bespoke handbags just added to our luxury collection. With her stating she was an admirer of our products and brand, we realized it was a win/win for the both of us.

For those of you who have been following us on social media, Grace has already interviewed our luxury designer and leather artisan, T. Michael with a two part interview and handbag evaluation on our ‘Michelle’ Bespoke Handbag. Here are the links if you haven’t read the posts and would like to catch up:

You will see photos of her showcasing this luxury beauty in many coordinated looks; featuring other brands fashion attire.


A casual photo of Grace with our Grace Bespoke Clutch Purse was designed for and named after her. She couldn’t resist the opportunity to not only showcase another one of our bespoke luxuries but have one designed, built and delivered to her home. The joy of creating beauty is something we love and cherish and to see Grace filled with delight is a memory we will keep for a lifetime… With that in mind, her latest blog post features our venture together as Spokesperson/Brand Ambassador; you can catch up here if you haven’t read the the post:

Spokesperson Michigan Luxury Leather Goods Brand Beau Satchelle


The decision to ask Grace to be our Brand Ambassador was primarily based upon the way she stays consistent with her own blog posts and how she evaluates other brands, keeping only what she uses and not recommending what she doesn’t; the perfect way to build a loyal following. It keeps us on our toes when we reveal new luxury goods to know she will give us an honest and straight forward opinion on any product we put in her hands. This is a valuable asset to us as we have someone with a great fashion sense and an eye for quality craftsmanship as well as aesthetics to be on our team. Thank You Grace; we love your style and commitment to excellence!

So, without further ado… Say Hello to Grace Liang of Color and Grace; Petite Fashion Blogger, Teacher, TV Host and loving wife with the right vision to be our first Brand Ambassador.

Hello Grace, please introduce your business to the audience:

I started my fashion and lifestyle blog about 2 years ago. I felt I had something to share with and help other women and the blog gave me the platform to do it.

What inspired you to become a fashion blogger?
I have always loved fashion and dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. But I don’t know how to draw or sew. After reading many articles about how the fashion blogger industry has grown stronger, I realized that I could do it too.

How do you best serve your audience?
I try to give useful real world information to let my readers make real changes in their lives. If they can use something I’ve suggested to help them feel more confident with their own body that’s a huge win!

Describe your fashion style?
Elegant, colorful, sophisticated and fun.



What differentiates you from your competitors?
The love of colors. I love to use different colors to show off the passion for life. Although we are going through the hardest time now in our lives because of my husband’s health issue. I still believe life is beautiful and worth celebrating everyday!

What does a luxury lifestyle mean to you?
For me, the real luxury is finding the best for your body and mind regardless of the price tag. It also is a freedom that we can just do whatever pleases our heart. For example, I recently dropped everything and went to the park to watch the colorful leaves for a while.


Describe your customer or audience?
They are sophisticated women who love fashion but are not the victim of the trends.

How do you keep your customers engaged?
I post quality articles 3 times a week and I have never missed a day. My readers know that they can count on me no matter rain or shine. I also host link up parties and giveaways regularly.

What do you enjoy about your Beau Satchelle luxury products?
The biggest thing is the uniqueness. There is something totally cool about having the only piece of anything that is exactly like yours. And when it’s a luxury bespoke leather handbag the cool factor goes off the scale.


Favorite inspirational quote:
I don’t know who said it but I just love the positive vibe about it. “Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan.”

How do people get in touch with you?
You can leave a comment on my blog:, send me an email at, follow me on Instagram @colorandgrace or Facebook @graceliang.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns for either Grace or Beau Satchelle, please email us and we will address them as quickly as possible. We hope you enjoyed… –The Beau Satchelle Family!

* Photography of Grace Liang is compliments of Color and Grace and has authorized use to Beau Satchelle.

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