How Buying From A Small Luxury Company Can Make A Difference

When you buy something special to treat yourself or someone else, what are you looking for? Chances are, you don’t shop for that luxury item the way you would buy groceries or toiletries or cleaning products. No, when you look for something special, you want to take your time to choose something that speaks to you. You want to buy something that is one of a kind or at least not mass produced. You want to buy something that was made with care, and that you know will last. You want something that will stand the test of time.

That’s why, when you buy something to treat yourself, you should consider a small luxury company.

A small luxury company cares. Because they are a small company, they will make a special effort to produce something with love and care, and utmost attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. They want to make sure their customer is happy with the product or service, so that he or she will return in the future. A small company may not have the advertising budget that large companies have, so they rely on referrals and word of mouth. That’s another reason why they want to make the customer happy.

A small luxury company is willing to work hard for your business. They will bend over backwards for you, and go out of their way to make sure your transaction was perfect. They will listen to your suggestions as a customer, and actually take them the boardroom for further discussion, rather than sweep them under the rug.

A small luxury company will put time and effort into each piece to ensure that it is perfect. They won’t let a less than stellar piece slip out the door, because they know their reputation is on the line.

A small luxury company is often completely local – locally owned, locally operated, and locally made. The items are often handcrafted by local artisans, who also live and shop in the area. The artisans may even be your family members or friends. Putting money into a small local luxury goods business is just like putting money back into your local economy.

Beau Satchelle is one of these local, small, luxury companies. We’re located in Metro Detroit, Michigan, where we get much of our creativity. We’re proud of the fact that we are a Detroit-based luxury designer of bespoke luxury leather handbags, clutches and connoisseur goods. When you think about it, not many goods are made in America these days – many goods are outsourced to other countries. Our beautiful handcrafted leather goods are built by master craftsmen right here in Michigan; they are uniquely crafted works of art. They are more than bags that travel with you and accompany you on your daily adventures – they tell a story about the place we live.

The next time you’re in the market for a luxury leather good, think about more than what type of bag you want. It’s about more than fashion. Think about who you want to support, and what statement you are trying to make.

Buy local, and keep our economy alive. #BeauSatchelleBlog

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