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Here’s To The Wine Lover In You: New Bespoke Wine Carriers…Cheers!

Is there any other way in transporting a bottle of exceptional or regal wine except in its own handsome leather carrier?  Whether your next planned event is  a romantic outdoor picnic, an under the stars concert, the bring-your-own-bottle (BYOB) restaurant or a delightful dinner party, it certainly elevates your style as a serious wine connoisseur to carry and embrace your vino in a handcrafted, bespoke wine carrier. 

Or perhaps in searching for the perfect Retirement, Hostess, Housewarming or Wedding gift for that unique individual, who celebrates wine in every form and fashion, why not treat them to the ultimate wine accessory to complete their collection?

Since Beau Satchelle’s inception, our bespoke wine carriers have been an integral part of our luxury leather collections.  Our Master Artisan, T. Michael designs unique carriers with a commitment to our clients in which no two pieces are alike.  His designs begin through the inspiration of the leathers natural characteristics, whether the hides are bridle or exotic skins such as alligator.  His vision is to craft a wine carrier shows off  both the beauty of the leather and his masterful saddle stitching skills.  Beau Satchelle is honored to introduced the latest two additions of our one-off pieces.

This first carrier pictured was built with tan cowhide leather in a light pebbled grain featuring orange Horween leather piping as a contrast to the tan exterior.  The hand stitching is a blue Tigre thread as the secondary contrast color.    The tote single handles were designed for a comfortable carry and the top flap is held by a gun metal magnetic clasp with feet to protect the bottom.   No lining was added and is large enough to hold a standard size wine bottle.  A neoprene sleeve is included for added protection of your precious cargo and to keep cold wines chilled until ready to serve.

The second carrier is an outstanding piece of work to highlight the sewing skills of T. Michael by crafting a tall cylinder shaped carrier built entirely with orange Horween leather, contrast Tigre brown stitching and brown edge coating to derive a beautiful polished edge.  Nickel plated hardware was selected for the buckle and eyelets for a finished look and to secure the top.  The carrier’s top handle is made of the same Horween leather and also hand stitched to withstand bottle weight.   Designed roomier to transport a taller wine bottle, it also comes with its own neoprene sleeve.

It is suggested for both carriers to maintain the beauty of the leather, for the many places it will travel, to just wipe with a clean soft, lightly damp cloth and dry with a second clean soft towel.  For a deeper cleaning and conditioning, a leather cleaner should be used (spray on the cloth not directly on the leather) at least annually.       Allow a professional leather shoe repair or specialty shop that handles handbags to clean a more soiled piece.

Both of these carriers, along with our additional one-offs, are displayed exclusively at the House of Pure Vin (HOPV) in the heart of Downtown Detroit showcased in a glass tower.   HOPV, is a premiere boutique wine shop that feature over 120 different wines and champagnes product lines and is home to one of only three Master Sommeliers in the State of Michigan, Claudia Tyagi.  HOPV hosts a number of exceptional weekly wine tastings and special events celebrating wine especially from the State of Michigan, in addition to other national and international wineries. 

If you prefer to collaborate with our design team to experience bespoke at its finest, we are ready to make a unique luxury leather carrier that speaks solely to your individuality.   With our bespoke process, the client will have a choice of exterior and interior leathers, colors, design styles and the unique embellishments that will connect with your personal tastes.   Complete the contact page and anticipate a response within 24 hours.

What better way to celebrate your love for both wine and leather than to marry the two into a handsome partnership that will bring you timeless pleasure.   –AJ

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