Elegant Loungewear For Leisure and Relaxing

Elegant Loungewear For Leisure and Relaxing

With all the lifestyle disruptions that occurred last year converting our homes into daily hubs for business and family, our wardrobes leaned into a more relaxed look for comfort.  Well for those of us whose sense of high fashion was not deterred, proved that our work at home style can be just as refined and polished even if suits are not in everyday rotation.  Certainly, the luxury loungewear and sleepwear industry stepped in very nicely without missing a beat.

If you are a fan or just familiar with the “moving pictures”  culture of the early 20th century, in which office box movie stars influences on fashion affected even the home lounging look.   Black and white cinema had characters dressed in ways to always be elegantly prepared to greet an unexpected visitor day or in the middle of the night.    Men’s style incorporated tasteful smoking jackets to preserve their suits while entertaining guests and sophisticated matching dressing gowns with pajamas sets and slippers to wear when retired for the evening.   Female characters wore long flowing glamorous boudoir dressing gowns (with or without pajama pants) to either accept her dashing beau or gentleman private eye at her door.   Back in those days, loungewear was clearly to be worn at home for leisure purposes, yet the looks were still elegant and an extension of the stylish public daywear.  An interesting historical side note regarding the evolution of pajamas is the adoption of the more masculine pants set to wear at home grew in popularity with women after World War I, even as skirts and dresses were still  traditionally worn in public for decades until the late 50s.

Comparatively, within the last few decades, loungewear designs have become interchangeable from relaxing at home to running errands. The current industry’s definition of loungewear would be a mix of athleisure and sleepwear.   Most loungewear is rose from the hip-hop and urban styles of loose or form-fitting pants, long and short sleeve t-shirts, and hoodies.    Even prior to the mandated quarantining, for those of us working at home, the views on loungewear as an acceptable attire had broadened.   

Loungewear exploded on the scene when athletic brands Nike and Adidas begin introducing the category of athleisure wear;  a combination of style and function which can be appropriately worn on the street as well as relaxing at home.  Usual the components of loungewear consists of dressy sweatpants, premium short or long-sleeved T-shirts, sweater/hoodies and designer sneakers (Ermenegildo Zegna’s signature suede triple stitch sneakers for instance).

Here are just a few of our favorite brands:

·        Athletic Recovery Sleepwear innovated pajamas introduced by Under Armour in collaboration with Tom Brady has the ability to regulate your sleep temperature and rebuilds your body while resting.

·         High-end loungewear brand Derek Rose men’s gorgeous collection of nightwear includes an array of printed classic and modern fit pajamas (shorts and pants) in a selection of piping, prints and materials of cottons and silks, along with lounge or toweling robes cut from terry cloth, velour cottons and silks, and a lovely selection of suede/sheepskin night slippers.  Derek Rose women’s collection of robes is quite impressive and beautiful in offering a selection of materials in pure silk satin, cotton jacquard, or cotton velour.

·         It is so over the top, but who can’t ignore the uniqueness and opulent style of Versace’sBaroque designed bathrobes to wear in around the home or at a spa or pool or a perhaps a long leisurely walk to get the mail. 

·         California Based Velvet By Graham and Spenser has done a superb job of capturing the contemporary loungewear market offering an attractive and comfortable collection of women’sand men’s cotton hoodies, tees, sweats, and lounge dresses.

·         Olivia Von Halle presents an impressive collection of silk and velvet pajamas sets that are rich in textiles, colors, and design.  The company also offers their clients hand embroidery service to monogram a number of their pajama styles

·         Want to not only look and feel sophisticated, as well as contribute to the growing African fashion industry via Walls of Benin, the loungewear and sleepwear company inspired by the culture’s African prints but made on silk and cotton blends for extra softness and moisture-wicking properties.

There is a particular deliciousness when a person steps up their lounging and sleepwear wardrobe game.  What speaks volumes for couples, who are seeing and living with each other every day is intentionally wearing sexy lounging apparel communicating to your partner that I will continue to look good for you even behind closed doors.  From that intention, who wouldn’t light up and be excited to end a full day of productive work, sharing a prepared delivered family meal, followed by a well-deserved after-dinner drink, good conversation, and perhaps enough energy for bedroom activities? A good investment for indulging in luxurious sleepwear attire, yes?

All products mentioned above, Beau Satchelle has no affiliation, sponsored link or relationships.  We are just current or future clients of these luxury brands that we adore or admire.   -AJ

Who are your favorite indulgent loungewear/sleepwear brands?  Please share your thoughts in the comment section below or on Twitter!

Thank you to the above and following sites for much needed resources to help with this blog content:

Dusty Old Thing – History of Women’s Loungewear

UN.org – Africa made luxury loungewear takes on big brands

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