Easter, 2016… Beau Satchelle is Hopeful

This blog post originated and was first published on our former company Bedrock Beauty, LLC website during the Paris, France incident in 2015. Given the events of yesterday, we pray for those who encountered such horrific acts of violence and join hands across the globe for a more peaceful and harmonious future.

Christians all over the world are preparing for Easter; which is one of their biggest religious holiday of the year. Easter or Resurrection Sunday which commemorates the ascension of Jesus Christ into Heaven, is a festive, celebratory day for Christian believers. Easter represents hope.

The reverse of hope was sadly brought to our attention again with the horrific acts of violence that occurred yesterday in Brussels, Belgium, the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Another stark reminder of the type of world we live in today… the unfortunate “new normal”.

During our re-branding, Beau Satchelle has continued to build friendships and has developed working partnerships with a number of European fashion designers, makers, bloggers and vendors. We are heartbroken that our international neighbors are experiencing such tragedy and fear. Its unimaginable to go about business as usual and live with some semblance of normalcy when uncertainty surrounds your community.

Time, once again, appeared to stand still for world citizens as video and pictures were communicated through traditional media and social media. What is encouraging is through all of this tragedy, to witness stories of human beings pulling together to help the injured. The words “my brother’s keeper” plays out repeatedly and that during this Holy Week, I am hopeful that all peoples of various religions and non religions will once again stand up in the face of fear. These events once again shows our solidarity as humans and how we ultimately have to share this one and only planet with each other regardless of our differences.

This past weekend also reminded us that “the law of attraction” can be a powerful source in how we, as human beings, pulled together, in the midst of confusion and grief, while immediate support was felt throughout the world. We pray that our world leaders make the right decisions and protect our society for future generations to come.

Wanting to end this week’s blog on a hopeful message with the lyrics to the song “Let There Be Peace on Earth” initially written by Jill Jackson Miller and Sy Miller and sung by the International Children’s Choir in 1955. Adopted by interfaith groups and churches, youth groups, and professional entertainers. The theme represents hope and peace for the world. Because there are many different religions, beliefs, races and genders, these lyrics are not to discredit or discount anyone. We are merely expressing our feelings as spiritual beings and wanting to connect to our readers in an inspirational way as we find our light through current events. May you be blessed throughout life’s journey and beyond. -AJ

Let There Be Peace On Earth
And Let It Begin With Me.
Let There Be Peace On Earth
The Peace That was Meant To Be.
With God as Our Father
Brothers All Are We.
Let Me Walk with My Brother
In Perfect Harmony.

Let Peace Begin With Me
Let This Be The Moment Now.
With every Step I Take
Let This Be My Solemn Vow.
To Take Each Moment
And Live Each Moment
With Peace Eternally.
Let There Be Peace On Earth
And Let It Begin With Me.

Written By, Jill Jackson Miller and Sy Miller 1955

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