Creating A Luxury Brand From Scratch, part 2

A couple of weeks ago, we introduce the first of a series of blog posts about lessons learned in our first year of launching our luxury lifestyle business. As always, there is a never ending wealth of teaching moments and knowledge that we gain through our first year journey. So let’s cover two more this week:

Marketing Our Brand – in the beginning, once your vision work is completed, while creating your business plan, a start-up must decide what their marketing strategies will be to attract their specific demographics. When entering the luxury market, every decision and action made has to correspond with the quality of your products. With that in mind, we study meticulously; the details that high luxury brands use in their language and visuals to communicate to the specific buying market.

Let’s consider a luxury American automobile, the Lincoln MKC. The commercials alone exude pure elegance. The choice of using an iconic actor, Matt McConaughey, as their spokesperson, the beauty of the home and the infinity pool he dramatically falls in, his clothes and accessories he puts on, even the aristocratic dogs he carries in his Lincoln speaks quality. Lincoln customers are introduced to that same messaging throughout its social media, its showrooms, the VIP black label program and concierge service which all speak to a supreme experience.

As we grow, Beau Satchelle is crafting a similar meticulous message to our audience; we will provide a “white glove” buying experience and our clients will gain pleasure and self-elevation when carrying our leather accessory. Our editorial and e-commerce photos must express beauty at the highest standards by displaying the intricate craftsmanship of our products. Our models and location shots we use create images of class and extravagance. We have to scrutinize the social media history of potential models to be ensure they’re professional image with other brands they represent is in alignment with our values. Our packaging (boxes, dustbags, etc.) has to match the quality of our leather designs and build anticipation for the buyer to open her/his new purchase. Even our social media messaging must be consistent, focused and maintain high standards, even as to who we admire on twitter or Instagram or use as influencers. It takes a lot of creative energy and uncompromising decisions when it comes to how Beau Satchelle brand is perceived.

Working With Local Community Causes – We live by one of Muhammed Ali’s quotes “The service you do for others is the rent you pay for room here on Earth”. Within our vision as a company, giving back (through donations or time) selflessly but judiciously to causes or organizations we care about is paramount to the legacy we want to build with Beau Satchelle. There are specific issues that we are devoted to being a part of including hunger and homelessness, domestic violence, shelter animals, and quality education for children. Honestly, a small start-up has to be as particular and discriminating in who you attach your brand to and be aware that you will be overwhelmed with donation request. So we determined in the beginning of the year, what organizations we wanted to help and even approached them about collaborations. We can then budget and plan for our charitable contributions for the entire year. -AJ

To be continued…

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