Celebrating the Fashion of the Kentucky Derby!

This past Saturday, the “Superbowl” of horse racing sporting events took place at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby with the participation of twenty jockeys and their horses competing for the top four finish.

The undefeated Nyquist (3:1 odds) completed the first leg of his journey to the triple crown (which means winning the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness held on May 21st and finally the Belmont Stakes which will be held on June 11th) earning the win of a most thrilling race. Nyquist took home a $1.24 million dollar purse for his owner, J. Paul Reddam.

As incredibly it is to witness the race, what is just as fascinating is the celebrated cultured events that are held with fashion being the star of the show that attract visitors from all over the country.

The Derby is steep in tradition with the drinking of mint julips and Kentucky Bourbon and all things that represent Southern belles and gentlemen. The Derby festivities include a two week public festival, a number of galas with auctions and many pre and post parties with celebrity and affluent attendees.

Over 150,000 people attend the Kentucky Derby every year and there are races all day up till the actually Derby that starts around 6:30 pm. So what else is there to do until the main event, but watch the fabulous fashion. And, based on Derby etiquette, the more expensive your tickets, the more formal you should look.

Let’s be clear again….. as exciting as the race is, the Derby is not all about the horses…but being seen in the finest attire.

The hat is EVERYTHING. Whether it is modest or magnificent, ranging from a trendy London fascinator (a chic, dainty headpiece decorated with feathers and netting and secured with a comb) or a handcrafted designers look with large brims with extravagant embellishments, you will most likely to see them all.

You also see women wear less jewelry because the hat must be the center of attention. The most that women will adorn is simple pieces like a strand of pearls or subtle bangles.

The dresses can range from ladylike strapless sundresses (with pastels and florals) to cocktail dresses to formal day suits. Keep in mind, the dress mustn’t diminish from the gorgeous hat. Layers are important because the weather can change from cool to hot depending on the year. The matching shoes can be sexy heels but every woman understands to bring a 2nd pair of back up cute flats because of the amount of walking that will take place.

So, of course Beau Satchelle is interested in what female Derby attendees carry when it comes to their handbags. Keep in mind that Churchill Downs will only allow handbags to not be any larger than 12 inches by 12 inches. According to Derby veterans you carry two bags on the day of the event. The first is a clutch that is used to carry small personal items (lipstick and powder, cell phone and of course, money to place bets) and the second bag is a stylish matching tote to carry those delightful matching flats that were mentioned earlier.

As Beau Satchelle moves one step closer to our own launch, we will be introducing a kidskin clutch that will be offered in an array of colors to match fabulously with many of the outfits that we observed at the Derby. We will also be presenting a new tote bag that will can be dressed down or up with a matching silk scarf. We look forward to showing you soon! -AJ

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