Celebrating National Handbag Day

If you adore handbags, like us, you are thrilled and anticipating the approaching celebration of National Handbag Day on October 10, 2016. A day created by one of our favorite sites purseblog.com where handbag aficionados pay homage to the designers, the history and timeline of styles, and the trends of the past, present and future. So if you need some ideas to prepare for this special day, here’s eight ways to show your love!

1. Downsize your personal collection and donate your gently used bags – Pay it forward. Why not do something altruistic and take some time to find a charity that supports low income women who are returning to the workforce? For example, Dress for Success is a global organization that accepts gently used clothing and accessories for the purpose of giving women a helping hand to build an office wardrobe. In the Metro Detroit area, there are couple of non-profits that also use donated handbags as a springboard to helping survivors of domestic violence.

2. Contribute to your local economy and purchase from an up-and-coming handbag designer in your area – Nothing makes a statement like supporting an emerging handbag artists.

3. Shoes and Boots to compliment the bag – At all of the Fashion Weeks from New York to Paris, we noticed over the knee boots, embroidered boots, chunky heals and over the top embellished shoes. To compliment your latest footwear purchase, finding the perfect matching or contrasting bag will give your outfits a complete and finished look.

4. Plan your holiday gifts for your loved ones – a bespoke bag made exclusively for the women in your life is the ultimate luxury possession. Beau Satchelle has the ability to take any of its designed bags and customized it to your preferences and needs.

5. Buy handbag accessories that protect your investment – The sky’s the limit on preserving the interior of your handbags. Every item in your bag should have its own protective case. This accessory list includes pouches, make up bags, writing utensils cases, cell phone and charger cases, business and credit card cases, protective holders for sunglasses and reading glasses, scarves to wrap around the handles and a rain coat for your handbag.

6. Treat yourself to a favorite glass of wine and take some time to experience Beau Satchelle’s Pinterest board for our choice of hand-stitched luxury handbags (besides our own, of course). Or share with us your favorite handbag on Instagram!

7. Make that one splurge buy – that one gift to yourself in which you throw caution to the wind and decide it is time to indulge in the ultimate luxury handbag. One that will stand the test of time and draw eyeballs from across the room to your lovely accessory, that makes the statement “look at me!”

8. A new Black Dress to accompany that holiday clutch – That beautiful clutch needs the right black dress accessory to set it off. The holiday colors of red, silver, gold and, of course, black are the usual suspects . But if you really want to push the bounders, why not a clutch that show the colors pantone.com have selected as the colors for 2016 Fall – how about a clutch with a distinctive color of a lush meadow (greenish), airy blue, dusty cedar (pinkish), sharkskin (grayish), shades of taupe, russet oranges or spicy mustard.

Lastly, we personally like to take this day of observance and thank all of our Beau Satchelle supporters for the love and faith you have given us this year. We are gearing up for the holiday season and in the next few weeks will be revealing a couple of new satchels and clutch bags for our 2017 collection. -AJ Happy Handbag Day!

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