Celebrating Marriage Series:  6th Anniversary

Celebrating Marriage Series: 6th Anniversary

Salute to married couples – you’ve crossed year six of married bliss!  Although bumps and bruises were a part of the journey, no doubt, the commitment is stronger than ever.  This unprecedented year of 2020 especially for any anniversary celebrant, perhaps has tested your vows and patience as a couple living and working under one roof (with or without kids or other family members) quarantining to keep each other healthy physically and mentally.  A deserved “hats off” and toast to marriage in the trenches!

While many couples equate the fifth anniversary as a special and huge milestone, number six contains as much meaning in its themes allowing for reflection on the past year by sharing thoughtful and romantic ways to honor matrimony commitment between spouses.   


Iron – The metal iron symbolizes a couples’ strength and foundation

Sugar – Represents sweetness


Wood epitomizes resilience and strong marriage


Calla Lily – This flower indicates magnificent beauty


Amethyst or Turquoise


Purple, turquoise, or white


–          Order a  box of gourmet chocolates, bonbons, or truffles, a decadent dessert to enjoy after the scrumptious anniversary meal prepared by a private chef in your home.

–          One or both of you are considered chocolate fiends –  nothing can beat purchasing a to die for  chocolate subscription

–          Or better yet, experience the chocolate experience in person in such travel points as Hershey, Pennsylvania or  Zurich, Switzerland or Nuremberg, Germany (among others), once international borders open to the U.S. schedule a sweet luxury travel destination to the top candy locales that will satisfy that ravenous sweet tooth.

–          A day of cooking, in particular baking, with a private chef in your home or their local restaurant

–          Don’t possess a sweet tooth, expand the theme of sugar to a favorite local spa for a sugar scrub.


–          Strength training – purchase the best in Kettlebells or Dumbells for your home gym

–          Plan a week at a weight strength destinations such as Unit-27 Fitness Phuket in Phuket, Thailand 

–          A set of golf irons for the golfer

–          Whether one or both of you are endurance athletes, perhaps this anniversary year could kick off a commitment to training (or supporting) for in an Ironman event especially the renowned Hawaii Iron Man World Championships in Kona Hawaii.  Novice triathletes are advised to start the journey by participating in events that allow incremental strength endurance in the areas of cycling, swimming and running.  These goal-marking events include:  the Sprint Triathlon, Olympic Triathlon, Half Ironman Triathlon and lastly, the Full Ironman Triathlon


–          Order an Eternity Koa Cuff bracelet from Pomo Woodworks  symbolizing the ocean and land with materials of Abalone and Koa Wood wrapped in a beautifully protective stainless cuff.

–          Purchase from an Etsy artisan, local jewelry designer, or design your own custom jewelry, specifically rings, necklaces, or earrings engineered into a Calla Lilly from precious stones which will include Amethyst.

–          Van Cleef and Arpels Charms Extraordinaire Desir Watch designed with White gold, Amethyst, Diamonds, Mother-of-pearl, and Sapphire

–          Cartier’s  Love Ring designed with Pink gold, Sapphires, Garnets and Amethyst

–          Mateo New York 14kt Gold Green Amethyst Point of Focus Ring


–          Instead of presenting one bouquet on the day of your anniversary, consider purchasing a subscription service such as Flower Muse to deliver Calla Lilly every month for a year as a reminder of your 6 years of devoted love.

–          Or hire a gardener (or DIY if you’ve got a green thumb) to integrate into your landscaping dedicated to each anniversary a section of calla lilies as an annual reminder.


–          A signature Photo Album  store in a walnut wood box to capture all of the events and memories of the past year.

–          A floor vase made of iron not only captivating but beautifully represents your marriage within your home décor.

–          Commission a welder or blacksmith to create an art sculpture or wrought iron décor for your home or garden

–          Tequila Shooter Set – Mission-style wrought iron caddy stand is home to six thick textured glass shooters

I find it fascinating to use the themes of a wedding anniversaries to push the limits to find gifts which are  usual and obvious  or interpret in imaginative symbolic ways that will be memorable and deep to each other, whether an item in your household or on your person or an experience, as you continue on your journey as a wedded couple.   -AJ

What 6th-anniversary luxury gift ideas can you add? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or on Twitter.

Thank you to the following resources for content.  We have no paid affiliation with any of the vendors or companies – just adore their work!

Bicycling.com –  Everything you Need to Know about Triathlon Distances

Smarter Travel.com – The Top 6 Candy Destinations

Hat Tip to the following photographers:

Tetiana SHYSHKINA – rings photographed inside of flower

Sara Graves – white gold, diamond, and Amethyst Ring

Jill Rose – DumbBells

David Mark – Swimming phase of a Triathlon

Allec Gomes – White Calla Lilly

Christine Sponchia – chocolate Praline dessert

Sabine Schulte – Blacksmith


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