Bespoke Leather: In Style Forever!

As we continue our first year launch of Beau Satchelle, we have had the privilege of being invited to attend private events or showings to display our current designs. We love the fact that what draws enthusiasts of leather to our products is first and foremost, the undeniable craftsmanship. Our expertly constructed leather products exude a rich elegance, that just can’t be found anywhere.

Without fail, those being introduced to the world of premium leather will ultimately ask why our journey began with leather versus other textiles, as the foundation of our creations. As snobbish as this sounds, there is no other textile that can stand up to the beauty, scale and strength of what leather can do. Leather is extremely versatile and can take on many forms for styles. Besides, Leather is natural and a by-product that would be waste if there were no leather products and artisans to create leather goods and other leather luxuries.

Depending on one’s preferred taste, leather can be developed into a raw, western look for a rural farmer or hunter; take on a more sleek and security-led function that a biker would prefer; perhaps have a more earthy, bohemian style for a hipster; or lastly, have a European flavor so artfully constructed that its home should be in a metropolitan museum.

But no matter your choice, lovers of leather understand this about bespoke leather…it’s ability to stand the test of time. We believe this, for three reasons:

1. Bespoke Leather is Absolutely the Perfect Accessory
Available with beautiful, sophisticated clean lines combined with classic or contemporary colors. Bespoke leather accessories are notoriously flexible, easily paired with a wide variety of casual and formal ensembles. What’s exciting about bespoke leather is that it is not only focused in the fashion arena, but can transform the home or workplace to elevate a sense of luxury and style that can’t be matched. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what pieces can be covered or created with premium leather. From chairs and tables, floors, headboards, cigar boxes and even golf bags…. Creativity is the key.

2. Bespoke Leather is Sustainable and Long lasting
Made from the by-product of animals, what better way to maintain sustainability of the ecosystem and commit to locate and partner with skin manufacturers who are also pledge to humanely raising animals. In addition, bespoke leather offers luxury design and construction, meaning that everything from the stitching to the straps are reinforced to withstand the test of time. While bespoke leather will be more expensive than other options, it will almost always outlast the competition. Beau Satchelle also stands by our craftsmanship so that our products will be passed down through generations.

3. Bespoke Leather is Functional
Throughout time, leather has been used by hunters, tradesmen, cowboys, fashion icons and everyone in between who understood that nothing else offers the functionality and confidence that leather does. Bespoke leather handbags, briefcases, totes and more have proven track records of reliability, usable storage space and ease of use.

So as we celebrate leather’s perfection, longevity, sustainability and functionality. Anyone can visit the mall or shop online to buy a bag. However, if you’re looking for long lasting luxury, only bespoke leather can offer the features that will stand the test of time! -AJ

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