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Beau Satchelle’s, Growing Love Affair with Luxury Leather Perfection.

I love Beau Satchelle and perhaps there will soon be a blog for the owners of our bespoke leather products. Our heart and soul goes into the building of our beautiful bespoke Luxury leather products.

We realize, currently, we are a minnow in a vast ocean of leather manufacturers and artisans. However, we aren’t fearful of the challenge (actually, energized) to keep growing and perfected our offerings until we can be heralded as a top contender in the world of bespoke luxury.

So when a piece is written about a master in the business, it is to only bestow much respect to one of the finest of the leather and luxury fraternity.

Hermés… just saying the name conjures up the word “indulgence”. Truth be told, I am a fan, not just because of the bag itself…but the amazing brand that has been carefully built around both the Kelly and the Birkin bags.

In the month of April, the auction house, Privé Porter, who curates unused, coveted Hermés Birkin handbags, broke the record for the most expensive handbag ever sold for $298,000. The 2008 Birkin made in Rouge Braise Crocodile featured 10.08 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds and 171 grams of 18-carat white gold hardware. It is elegant and the craftsmanship is unparalleled.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a few days later, the Birkin was delivered by Brinks armored air transport to a Los Angeles buyer’s representative, who describes his client as an American billionaire. As we say in Detroit… “That’s ballin”!

So as we grow our bespoke leather start-up, we will constantly drive ourselves to never lose the focus and respect of the art of leather crafting. We are dedicated to our values and the culture that solely embrace our clients who invest in our bespoke luxury bags and connoisseur specialties. Our customers demand customization, sustainability and perfection.

As Beau Satchelle matures in its buying power, the continued commitment to only source from farms that meet strict, ethical standards in raising animals and that the skins are a by-product of the meat grown for food production, is our promise to you. Our products will be limited due to our thorough and time-honored manufacturing process: acquiring the exceptional, untarnished, premium skins and only using trained artisans who will devote days, perhaps weeks, into sewing thousands of stitches with tools such as a pricking iron, an awl, needles and waxed thread. We will seek rare dye colors, hardware in precious metals and other personalized touches that will elevate the value of your purchase.

When you carry a Beau Satchelle designer handbag or luxury good, it will enhance your style and compliment your status in the world of bespoke. Your piece will catch the eye of admirers as a piece of exclusive art.

We have the talent, creativity and commitment to excellence and our promise to our purchasers is to consistently offer personalized service while producing magnificent, customized leather accessories. We will continue to tout our ability to be American made within a major urban, metropolitan city, yet respect the European leather predecessors’ influence and timeless artisan handwork.

In a nutshell, we stand behind our heirloom quality craftsmanship and are excited to unveil more of Beau Satchelle in the coming months. -AJ

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