Beau Satchelle, Vision Board Of Our Future

2019 will be here before you know it. Perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves, since we’re in the middle of preparing for our Spring 2016 launch. But what better way to build upon our current excitement than to not only focus on the present yet look toward the future and share our short term goals. For Beau Satchelle, when creating our business plan we embraced the author, Dr. Steven Covey’s Habit #2 “Begin With The End in Mind”. By clarifying in our minds as to how our company will look in a few years.

This accomplished several things for Beau Satchelle:
1. Created a platform to think bigger as to our place in the global world of luxury lifestyle
2. It provides us the whole map to the road, the guidelines and the milestones to fulfill our three year vision
3. We can determine what our social impact will be on this planet

Three years was a long enough period to measure our progress by breaking goals into smaller chunks of time. This process started by defining who we are today.

Beau Satchelle’s vision is Bespoke Luxury for the Discerning individual.

Beau Satchelle’s mission statement:

We provides fine bespoke leather handbags, cases, luggage, accessories and connoisseur specialties to those who crave individuality and one of a kind pieces. Our Head Luxury Designer and Leather Artisan T. Michael carefully crafts these works of art and is committed to reviving the time honored tradition of hand-stitched luxury leather goods.
Made exclusively from luxurious and exotic skins, premium hides and hardware, he meticulously builds his distinctive products to meet his discerning and sophisticated client’s needs.
Beau Satchelle…. “Beautiful Handbags”, makes a statement and stands the test of time…

This vision and mission statements allowed us to do the planning necessary to track our development. We are confident in our talent and ability to be one of the top emerging bespoke leather luxury companies that focus on our clients whose lifestyle is immerse in luxury. This could mean an occasional indulgent treat such as a pair of bespoke shoes or a luxury leather handbag. It could also mean, creating the utmost in convenience like a chartered jet or a private chef or investing in superb quality such as a bottle of a rare Bordeaux or a vintage automobile. We will embrace and continue to practice gold and platinum standard levels in servicing our clients that will elevate to any top exquisite brands such as Rolls Royce or Patek Philippe. The next few years will be solely focus on building and protecting this reputation that is crucial to our brand.

Although our journey started off by simply bootstrapping and holding on, we’ve always had high expectations and an appreciation for the finer things in life. We strive for perfection in our craft and disciplined operations of our business and we are certain this will be conveyed in every product we unveil to the world. Most of all, we want our three year journey of building our brand to impart that when you own a Beau Satchelle, you own an elegant and timeless piece of art.

So as we unveil our latest executive attache or American alligator briefcase for the stylish professional, or a stingray passport wallet for the seasoned global traveler, or the python clutch for the diva extraordinaire. Or something even more unique as a luxury 3 bottle wine carrier, or a bespoke leather wrapped humidor or luxurious leather interiors in a home, we are excited to take you, our fans, on our journey to 2019. -AJ

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