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Beau Satchelle: Started As A Leap of Faith And Now Four Years In.

A BASE jumper describes the moment prior to hurling themselves off a cliff as being fully present …100 % confident in years of meticulously studying and training for this particular moment in time to experience human flight.   Obviously, absent the physical risk involved with launching a business (unless its’ a BASE jumping school), however the same psychology comes into play right before taking that leap into entrepreneurship.

When you have come to the edge of all that you know and are about to drop off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things will happen, “the Warmaster had told him.  “And what are they?” he had asked.  “That there will be something solid to stand on or you’ll be taught to fly”, laughed Horus as he jumped.                                         – Author Graham McNeill, False Gods

This passage from Graham McNeil’s book was sent to me in an email greeting card from a friend during my first leap, of several, into entrepreneurship in the early 2000s.   I happened upon this quote again, about a week ago which so appropriately describes our constant leaps of faith in building Beau Satchelle.   Like a small warrior battling luxury brand behemoths, we just keep focused on our North Star confident that we have the proper elements in place to be our own force in the luxury market.

As you follow us into our 4th year, allow us to share a few thoughts:

It has been a tough, yet fulfilling journey of learning and growing as partners in re-determining whose skills and talents are better suited for particular roles and responsibilities.   Last year, we experienced a slight decrease in sales (due to major surgery that took months of recovery), yet we made leaps and bounds in preparing ourselves to surpass Beau Satchelle’s fourth year goals.  We agreed on a couple of major decisions that with faith and hard work will propel us to levels of success that we’ve been preparing for since our launch. 

A few things happened last year that impacted Beau Satchelle profoundly:

·         We were mentored by one of the top luxury coaches in the profession who absolutely guided us through some mindset shifts in selling to the luxury market.

·         We partnered with a world renowned violinist who only performs for wealthy clients and she graciously wrote and produced several compositions for Beau Satchelle to accompany our visual projects (future blog on this phenomenal woman coming soon).

·         Since our inception, we have collaborated with some of the best local creative talent in regards to artists, photographers, models, and designers.  Those experiences propelled us to make leaps of faith to connect with a number of national and international stars in the fashion world (more later).

·         If you have followed the path of T. Michael’s artisan growth, his work last year was nearly flawless.  His perfectionist work process into how he cuts leather, his saddlestitching and finishing edges has admirers believing we’re fibbing when we describe our items were made totally by hand. 

So with this growth, we wanted to make our goals public to our readers to keep us honest as we move into the 2nd quarter of 2019.   

1.       Focusing our brand on a specific, bespoke initiative in being more exclusive.  We want to create more legacy pieces for our clients.  We don’t expect everyone to buy, but at least be inspired and perhaps aspire to ordering a leather good that will be crafted especially for specific tastes and needs. 

2.      Our national and international partners will grow this year, as we are building key relationships with individuals who have the ability to open doors for our specific high end clientele.  Even with all the global uncertainty, we are determined to keep our focus on growing our relationships with our business networks in other countries.

3.      Our continued commitment to our clients to offer the best in leather and exotic luxury goods with white glove service.

Finally, please accept a most fitting 4th anniversary gift to bestow on those who regularly follow or are new to the Beau Satchelle brand.   We present our new website that just launched in the last 24 hours.   After long days and sleepless nights, we are proud to share with you, the newly constructed site.  A new look, a better way to tell our story, a second coming out party if you will!   Enjoy “Our Story” video below that is featured on the website.   –AJ

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