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Beau Satchelle Chronicles:  The Bespoke Leather Belt

Although Father Day is behind us, we wanted to share with you our experience with one of our commissioned projects.   As we all know, more money is spent on gifts for Mother’s Day as compared to what Dads receive.   The National Retail Federation actually calls this phenomenon the gift gap.   Unfortunately, our Dads traditionally get the short end of the stick partly because most of us have a bigger emotional bond to Moms.  We believe Mothers deserve better and bigger gifts to display our love.  The other reasons are partly due to retailers going all out when promoting Mom’s day and partly because men, in general, are just so much tougher to shop for with regards to the perfect gift.  Haven’t we all been guilty of reverting to the inevitable ugly Dad tie or the last minute gift card.   I would go so far as to say many Dads, including mine, are just not particularly interested in expensive, showy material gifts.  

I would submit that today’s modern fathers and male figures are developing deeper, more emotional relationships with their children than past generations caused by more hands-on parenting.   This connection, in turn, results in more attention being paid to recognizing Fathers and important maile figures in our lives.  Retailers are increasingly catering to consumer demands as these gifts are less seen as afterthoughts and just as important as how we honor Mothers.

Every year, Beau Satchelle has always had the pleasure of being commissioned to handcraft specific accessories to commemorate our clients’ Dads.   In particular, we have been entrusted to build a particularly timeless accessory which is handsomely designed for an individual’s body type in addition to being incredibly functional.  This accessory would be a bespoke leather belt. 

A leather belt is truly personalized as it is measured to fit the waist.  Men of style are well aware of the specialness of investing in a belt made specifically for their physique.  Just like a tailored suit, a well made belt seamlessly elevates the look and prestige of the wearer.  

One of our handcrafted belts was gifted  to a very special gentleman (one of our Dads) with his very first custom leather belt.  He was thrilled to participate in the process of deciding the details, including the type of hardware, as well as being measured for a belt to fit his much smaller frame.  To say how pleased he was with the final outcome would be an understatement as he has always bought belts off the rack his entire life.

For our readers who may have not seen our blog on the history of belts, reference our blog 

How is a Beau Satchelle luxury leather belt made

Buying a properly fitted belt will save money, time in the long run. If a belt is too large, the bends will create small creases.  If a belt is too small, it will stretch too much and eventually become ruined.  

Exact measurements are key in building a belt that will outlast a growing or shrinking midsection.   Unfortunately most men purchase belts based on the pants size as opposed to measuring his girth.  This detail will make for either a belt that is irreplaceable or one  that remains deep in your wardrobe closet because it’s so uncomfortable.

The general rule for belt sizing is your pants size plus two inches equals your belt size. Bespoke belts are measured not by your pants size, but your actual waist size which should be measured with a tape measure looped through a pair of pants (jeans, trousers, dress) that the belt will be used with.   New leather tends to fit snug until it molds to your body from daily use.

For our clients who can’t  be met face to face, we have a couple of methods to size your girth:   either have an online consultation to walk you through the measurements process or mailing us a favorite premium leather belt that is well worn and can be sized based on the notches used.

The Construction of a Leather Belt consists of:

The Buckle

The keeper


The billet end – holes are 5 to 6 inches 

The leather for the belt

Our belts are made with quality full grain or top grain premium leather versus the mass processed cheap thin belts sold online or in men’s stores. Our leather selections will be made from vegetable tanned leather or an exotic skin such as alligator.

During our complimentary consultation, we will discuss your preferences in leather, stitches or no stitches, thread colors, the finishing edge paint (and color) and the hardware type and color, and coordinate sizing. Our bespoke belts can be made either with or with stitching, as well as lining on the back of the belt.

A bespoke belt takes 4-6 weeks from consultation to delivery with our complimentary shipping within the continental U.S.

Caring for a leather belt 

Men of substance will recognize the importance of a custom belt and will commit to the maintenance of that belt to last for decades. 

·         Another general rule to follow is after purchase, treating the belt with a leather conditioner.   However, with any Beau Satchelle accessory, we automatically condition the leather product before being boxed for delivery.  An application of a good conditioner will deter dirt and moisture and prolong the lifespan.  

·         Water and leather don’t mix, so it is important to lightly blot with a towel and allow it to air dry.  

·         Don’t ever use a hair dryer to dry a belt; this may cause the leather to become brittle.   

·         To prevent your belt from developing an odor from body sweat, periodic cleaning is a must.  We suggest, it is best to have your daily belts cleaned and conditioned 3-4 times throughout a year by a professional such as a shoe cobbler or a leather cleaning business. 

·         Certainly, to lengthen the lifespan, it’s important to own at least 2  similar leather belts (casual versus business) for alternate use. 

·         Keep your luxury leather belt(s) away from the sun, windows or anywhere where there’s a direct heat source to keep the leather from cracking.   

·         Never store your belt in a tightly rolled position in a drawer.   Some companies like Hermes do advised keeping their belts rolled.   We prefer that you instead hang in your closet by the buckle to allow the leather to breathe and rest in the hanging position or loosely rolled in the dust bag provided.   -AJ

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