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Art Collecting: Trends and Events for 2020

Beau Satchelle has had the privilege to cross paths with artists from all walks of life and no matter their instrument, we appreciate their intricate steps in creating a work of art.   Art patrons who support an artist by either buying a singular piece or investing in a collection of extraordinary pieces that will be owned for generations (or perhaps one day be worth millions).

Based on the buzz of art industry professionals, there are certain developments that collectors will recognize or experience in 2020: 

1.       The art world (auction houses, galleries, and museums) will continually experience a cultural shift and make decisions on showing exhibits that support inclusion and diversity with regard to race and gender. This will occur on both sides of the coin:  the artists and the buying public being more discerning and increasing visitor attendance pressuring for more representative.

2.       Art Auctions
The big three auction houses -Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillip de Pury & Company continue to offer the traditional auction experience for art collectors, however,  both Christie’s and Sotheby’s  are making major investments into developing their in-house digital and online technologies to satisfy younger clientele (millenniums) who are much more at ease in purchasing expensive items online. 

3.       Technology
Disrupting the art industry has been relatively slow due mainly to clients’ trust with using online platforms with concern about forgeries and cybercrime.  With a successful purchase, these same technologies will gradually assist with increasing confidence among the buying public.

–          Online galleries continue to evolve and enhance the experience for art collectors who can forego the in-person visit.   Due to accessibility, online galleries that are changing the scene in art buying include Zatista Fine and Contemporary Art, Artsy, Artfinder, to name a few, are especially exposing emerging talent to art collectors.  Instagram is changing the landscape with collectors using that particular platform to build an ongoing relationship with the artist while directly purchasing high-end pieces.

–          For physical auction houses, the nod towards using artificial intelligence is being incorporated to record collector’s tastes and track buying habits to offer recommendations and provide a meaningful experience for users with the goal of increased sales.  Providing real-time data on particular artists or exhibits  for buyers to access on online platforms is a critical tool for auction houses

–          Blockchain’s system has been discussed as a viable technology versus dollars such as cryptocurrency, yet it still makes many consumers nervous and will require more education before seeing an impact.

–          Virtual Reality introduction into the art world allows auction houses and fairs to elevate the experience and education  surpassing traditional methods of introducing art.  For example,  the Mona Lisa housed at the Louvre in Paris, France partnered with a virtual reality company to build an experience named the “Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass”, using infrared, x-ray and refractive day to portray the portrait in 3D, simulating which she may have looked like in motion.  This exhibit also helps alleviate the daily massive crowds who aren’t able to observe the Mona Lisa up close or at length. 

Depending on the mission and theme, these individual fairs will determine the works of art being exhibited.   The fairs will showcase installations throughout the hosting city, schedule educational talks with the artists, and host artistic performances.  Each of these fairs also offers VIP invitation-only preview or private showing, prior to the public opening,  to allow private collectors, museum directors and curators, art advisors and internationally known artists important networking opportunities.

The terminology can get convoluted, but usually, a commercial art exhibition features one or more artists who will typically go through a juried process to be accepted, then allowed to showcase their work to the public to be sold.  Some non-juried open exhibitions are created for any local emerging talent to hang and sell their work.

As you’re preparing your 2020 travel season, the following are the top international art fairs to consider:

Art Basel –  considered the largest and most popular contemporary art fairs.    During the posting of this blog Art Miami, Art Basel is happening in Miami, FL; Art Basel also hosts sister exhibits in Hong Kong (March 17-21) and the original Basel Switzerland (June 15-21, 2020).

ArcoMadrid – Feb 26-March 1, 2020   Celebrates contemporary art from avant-garde to street art

Art Dubai – March 25-28, 2020    The Middle East’s leading international art festival with participants of successful artists, curators, and art professionals considered MENASA members – from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia continents.

Frieze Art Fair – In 2003, Frieze Media began its influence of the art world by presenting contemporary art and living artists at Frieze London (October 8-11, 2020) in conjunction with Frieze Masters showcasing ancient to modern art;  Frieze New York (May 6-10, 2020) features emerging artists and iconic names in modern and contemporary art;  and lastly, their newest fair,  Frieze Los Angeles introducing  contemporary work of Southern California artists (February 14-16, 2020)

The Armory Show New York City  –  (March 4-8, 2020)  Showcases 20th and 21st-century art attracting modern and contemporary collectors since 1994.

The European Fine Art Fair (TAFAF) – Its origins began in the late 1980s, TEFAF Maastricht in the Netherlands (March 7-15, 2020) focuses on 7,000 years of art history; following the creation of TEFAF New York Spring (May 8-12, 2020)  showcasing Modern and Contemporary Art & Design and TEFAF New York Fall (October 31-November 4, 2020) featuring fine and decorative art from antiquity to 1920.

Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain (FIAC), Paris, France – (October 22 – 25, 2020) gathers over 200 modern and contemporary exhibitors spanning the art continuum of painting, sculpture, photography, installations, videos, performance, and digital arts.

Art Cologne, Germany (April 23-26, 2020) – Oldest running modern and contemporary art fair featuring over 200 galleries from over 25 countries covering the 20th and 21st centuries.

India Art Fair, New Delhi, India (January 30 – February 2, 2020) Showcasing modern and contemporary art from the South Asia Region.

MIART, Milan, Italy (April 17-19, 2020)  Features modern, contemporary, and limited edition art pieces.

SCOPE Art Show, Miami (early December 2020), Basel, Switzerland (June 11-14) and New York (March 5-8, 2020)  Showcases emerging contemporary art.      – AJ

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