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Are You A Beau Satchelle Bespoke Client?

A couple of weeks ago, we shared a blog post on the ingredients of bespoke, which resulted in an associate who works in luxury sales asking us to describe the perfect  Beau Satchelle client.  Although our clients’ personas haven’t deviated for five years, the turbulent events of 2020 gave us an opportunity to refine for ourselves and share with our readers who we identify as our ideal client.    

For starters, our clients love leather – its versatility, durability, and beauty whether derived from cow leather or exotic animal skins. Connoisseurs are obsessed with the intoxicating smell of tanned leather, the sensuous soft feel, and the timeless quality of a leather accessory.    In addition, a Beau Satchelle client appreciates the time-honored skills of creating an accessory through hand stitching and customization.

In many cases, unlike many social media-driven millennials, where “influencers” are the new marketers for brands (although there are a number of successful older luxury lifestyle celebrities), our patrons are more sophisticated and desire an authentic process when making purchasing decisions.  Without a doubt, we all use (voluntarily or forced) social media for shopping, however, our clients are savvier with who and how they spend their discretionary funds.   Designer labels may have a seat at their table, but our clients seek out the one-offs or premium levels of top designers or better yet, artists whose items are not accessible to the general public.  In contrast to mass production, sourcing and craftsmanship are celebrated, and having accessibility to the designer of your work of art creates a more delightful experience.


Our client, male or female, aged 40 and up, has lived through decades of styles and has no interest in impulse or trend buying; classics are staples in their wardrobe, yet are open to an unusual accent piece to satisfy their uniqueness and individuality.

Although 2020 has severely impacted where we work, remotely versus in an office, even if a suit is not as appropriate, business casual wear is still meticulous.  Whether meeting in person or on Zoom, our clients will still leave nothing to chance with regards to their appearance. 

High-level business professionals still maintain standards in carrying their essentials for daily work responsibilities.  For example, one of our clients, a successful realtor in the Metropolitan Detroit area requested a custom “office in a bag” to solve a couple of problems that involved 1) eliminating carrying an office bag and her handbag while on the road;  2) providing her with the necessary space and compartments/pockets for her tablet, paperwork, a back-up charger for her phone and tablet, and a few personal items, and; 3) match her fashion style of success.   As with the majority of our clients, frustration grew in purchasing designer bags that could never quite satisfy both the need for a durable utilitarian bag, while simultaneously publicly displaying her achievements as a saleswoman.  We developed a briefcase that had the ability to convert the straps into a backpack for those times when she needed hands free without setting her bag down.  The end result was a handsome brown bridle leather briefcase/backpack serving as an exclusive and beautiful workhorse that will last her for decades.

If a client approaches Beau Satchelle in creating a bespoke leather work bag, our initial consultation is exploring what a client’s needs are – describe their experience with a current briefcase or attaché case (what works, doesn’t work and desired changes for an upgrade).  Once those questions are answered, the selection of leather, hardware and colors take place followed by a mock-up for approval.

There are instances where a client desires a piece from one of our collections, (ie the Michelle HandBag, the Regina Handbag, etc.).  Slightly simpler than a bag made from scratch, our work begins with sharing the specific leather choices and discussing color combinations with an assurance that those colors will not be duplicated.

In either example, for a newbie to the bespoke process, we are thorough in explaining the process of building a luxury leather accessory from scratch, from timelines to expectations.   

We are currently working with a client, who resides in another state, to hand-stitch a lovely cross-body handbag for his wife, made from alligator hides that he purchased.    He came to us with the plan:  a meticulous design, the colors, and specific measurements as to the size and scope of the bag.   It has been fascinating to observe the process as Master Artisan T. Michael stays in constant digital contact with our client updating him on the bag’s progress.  I look forward to sharing the results with you in a future blog.

Bespoke is a lifestyle and a philosophy whereby our clients live life by their own standards with personal high expectations; they possess a strong work and play ethic; come from both old and new money; are accomplished, cosmopolitan, and refined;  and demand exceptional service showing loyalty to those brands that deliver.    For sure, our clients appreciate our commitment in presenting luxury leather at its finest when carrying a Beau Satchelle bespoke work of art.   – AJ

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