Welcome to Beau Satchelle we are so thrilled you have arrived. If you are not finding what you expected… don’t worry. We have some exciting new must-have luxury always handcrafted leather products due for release very soon. We are stepping it up a notch to bring even more luxuriously premium products, with even more choices in our exotic leather skins.

Aside from the new name and branding, we will have more exquisitely handcrafted items designed specifically for those who know and love bespoke leather luxuries. Our products remain among the most desired by those who know bespoke luxury and high fashion.

All of our exotic leather products are designed and handcrafted with the finest and most exotic skins and obtained ‘as always’ legally by all US standards and procedures. All our unique and gorgeous vegetable tanned leather products are processed with eco-friendly methods that are considerably less harmful to the environment.

With the launch of our new line of handcrafted leather bags sold exclusively by Beau Satchelle, we are confident you will be thrilled with a host of stunning designs which of course will include classic as well as contemporary-inspired looks with all the colors you never realized you had to have!

Beau Satchelle offers the highest quality leather bags each one flawlessly handcrafted to guarantee you are receiving an exceptional fashion accessory that will continue to be a classic and withstand the very test of time.

Our Signature Series luxury handbags are even more elegant and stylish than you could imagine. And, our colors are available based on client’s personal taste. Nevertheless, we will always provide a limited edition in our vegetable tanned products using rich hand-dyed beautiful colors as well. Keep in mind, all of T. Michael’s original patented designer luxuries will also remain available for those who love them.

Every item, from the glamorous luxury handbags to the vast array of beautifully handcrafted and hand sewn cases gives each client the choice in color as well as hardware. We also have some beautifully designed and expertly handcrafted designer Wine carriers. What better way to show your good taste than to serve your guests the best wine out of a beautiful hand stitched leather wine carrier.

If you find the handbag you are sure is meant specifically for you but the only thing lacking to make it perfect is to add a second larger pocket, no problem! We are more than happy to tailor any of our items to suit your desires.

Not only do we offer you a choice of colors for the exterior of your luxury leather handbag, we also offer an interior of leather luxury in goat suede, kidskin or even lambskin. If you love the look feel of leather, there is no need to ask. WE NEVER use cotton, canvas, silk or other ‘non-leather’ linings for the interior of our luxury products. How about wanting a key fob attached; this is also one of the many individual luxury customizations we provide to you, our valued client at Beau Satchelle.

Beau Satchelle is excited to bring you the most luxuriously decadent handcrafted leather travel bags, handbags, briefcases, and accessories; we can’t wait for you to see our new products due to launch Spring 2016!

Make sure to check back often, see our progress and be part of our Grand Opening. Get first hand viewing of our new vision to the extravagance and elegance in Beau Satchelle’s bespoke luxury leather products and accessories. -The Beau Satchelle Family!

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