A Second Look At Revising The Classics:  Beau Satchelle’s Way Of Making The Old New Again

A Second Look At Revising The Classics: Beau Satchelle’s Way Of Making The Old New Again

  “While Beau Satchelle continues to bring new and astonishing carrying bag visions to life, it is the classics that continue to inspire those ideas and motivate the team to build outstanding fine heirloom leather and exotic luxury goods.”   -T. Michael

The magic happens when a classic design finds its’ way to the studio.  And at that time, a simple construction is the future connection of a Beau Satchelle finished product.  Revised and paying homage to classic designs Beau Satchelle have known and grown to love.

Clients will experience meticulous efforts by the Beau Satchelle team in creating pure pleasure, surrounding your investment in an attractive leather piece.  It is imperative to take every precaution and ensure, from quality control to presentation, will be the next to last thing they remember…. the stunning finished product being the last.

The 1950’s Through The 1970s – World War II’s Influence, Women’s Independence, Wild Child Culture

What’s old is new again. 

A follower of fashion history and trends recognizes cycles of clothing and accessories.  Just observe the wardrobe choices of television shows of the 50s, 60s, and 70s impacted by world social and cultural events of those particular decades.

Prior to the Second War World, handbags were made for a few daily essentials – makeup, a coin purse, and a cigarette case. Leather small handheld bags and clutches were the standard-bearer.

WWII saw Americans and their allies asking their citizens to sacrifice material to help in the war effort.  At the end of the war, women who had to work outside the home in male-dominated jobs, desired a return to beautiful things and designers stepped up to the plate with larger framed handbags (envelope clutches) and shoulder bags.  To carry more necessary items to get through the day, of course!   

However, fashion’s about-face was also due to women having no desire to give up their freedom from working in factories earning a living and wanted to show their newfound attitudes and independence in the wardrobe.   

The 60s and 70s saw the rise of designer bags named after style icons such as the Gucci Jackie Bag (named after Jackie Kennedy Onassis) or the famed Kelly Hermes Bag (Grace Kelly’s namesake).   The youth and hippie culture grew prevalent and it showed in the varying fashion styles of mini-skirts and bell-bottoms with the matching cross-body shoulder bags for easier world traveling.

Students of handbag history recognized today’s borrowed structures of vintage bags – framed, structural, or straight lines, yet functional in carrying essentials.  Beau Satchelle is committed to the re-creation of these familiar historical designs along with showcasing sustainably handcrafted workmanship.

As many people around the world are fond of the top designer handbags, there are individuals who prefer a touch of modern design with a blend of traditional style.   Beau Satchelle would like to share their love by showcasing what they find to be a delicate balance of these precious attributes.

Classic and Upgraded Messenger Bags

The Messenger Bag originated as a bag for couriers to transport mail and goods.  This particular bag, made from an array of durable materials, is typically equipped with a strap, long and strong enough to wear across the chest with the bag resting on the back or hip to providing easy access to its contents.

Historically, the design is much wider (as opposed to taller) than other bags for carrying heavier or bulkier items (in today’s terms, usually means your tech office in a bag).  

Beau Satchelle’s exceptional luxury bespoke messenger bags satisfy our clients’ travel needs while aging beautifully.    

The Michelle Original and Upgraded

Beau Satchelle’s first collection series, the Michelle Bag, is known for its simplistic lines, paying homage to the short top handle made popular in the 1940s.  The difference… wrapped pure sexiness, this medium sized handbag celebrates color by selecting contrasting interior and exterior shades for any Michelle owner to love opening her bag for that “Wow” factor!

Many companies are now introducing innovative and unique designs according to the preferences of their customers, with the high experience level of artists and artisan skills, but the end result is still mass-produced.  Beau Satchelle designs and builds each piece one at a time, using no machines during the production process.  It is where you can get entirely unique bespoke luxuries with particular attention to detail.

The best part of Beau Satchelle unique production methods, not only to build leather accessories, but use leather in many ways;  furniture, floors, headboards, walls, covered handrails, picture frames, etc., using creativity with an array of colors and textures that only leather has to offer.  For those who want durable and long-lasting products, the ones made of leather are a good option to avail.

Hats became an important fashion accessory for women as well throughout the centuries.  The storage and carrying of vintage boxes were an integral element to protect headwear.  Hatbox handbags became quite popular in transporting more than just hats  in the late 20th and 21st centuries.  Moreso, women of fashion select these handbags as over-the-top statement pieces. 

To honor the true hat boxes of an earlier time when women did carry hats in boxes for protection, hat boxes are now a divine way to showcase your high fashion sense in a unique manner.               

Beau Satchelle offers a wide range of“one-off” unimaginable luxury leather goods including the introduction of a beautiful hat box style handbag which was elegantly envisioned and crafted by our master artisan, T. Michael, who provides our customers with classic luxury and quality craftsmanship of traditional handcrafted artisans and ateliers. 

The beautiful Beau Satchelle hatbox style handbag is an example of authentic handcraftsmanship and was showcased in the Summer of 2017.  It even toured Paris, France, with our then Brand Ambassador, Grace Liang.  There are many variations and shapes of the hatbox, but it remained traditional with the rounded design, made with premium leather throughout.  This particular design was a tribute to the classic English hatbox designs in the late 19th century.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to purchasing a handbag, hatbox, top handle, evening clutch, tote, briefcase, sports bag, or unique luxury wine accessories, contact Beau Satchelle for a free consultation. 

A special option we offer is our VIP package as you will be assigned a full month for personal attention during production, where you will have the design team at your command.  Beau Satchelle, will not only strive to satisfy your needs but also act as a personal atelier while your bespoke piece is created.

When choosing a bespoke luxury piece, you will have the advantage of selecting color combinations and limited edition offerings.  So, take some time to think about the particulars you desire in your next or first luxury heirloom piece.  Beau Satchelle will be there for you throughout the entire process.

The artisan vision and creative mind make the piece of product from once raw materials. If you look at our leather goods, you will find the efforts of T. Michael and his passion goes into every detail. With so many varieties and accessory options available, you do not have to go to any other place. You can find the product of high quality and elegant design right here.

Other brands do offer a wide selection of fabrics and non-leather materials. 

But, Beau Satchelle builds products made from fine leathers and exotic skins, acquired from some of the best sustainable tanneries around the world.  As mentioned in previous blogs, we continually sourcing from places that respect the entire hide process so we produce long-lasting products for generations.   

Once you become an owner of a Beau Satchelle bespoke luxury good, you will be directed to the personal choice of leather care products, selected by T. Michael.  Providing high-quality leather and exotic, cleaners and conditioners to our customers will guarantee your lovely accessory remains with you for a lifespan and with proper care and maintenance, can be passed down to the next generation.

Begin Your Journey

Whether you are living a luxury lifestyle or you prefer living a simple sustainable life, let Beau Satchelle create a bag that fits you, your taste and your lifestyle.

By contacting Beau Satchelle’s team of professionals, you will begin the indulging process of owning your own unique and classy luxury heirloom, or for your loved one, or for your home.  The bespoke luxury brand has created new options for clients who are looking for quality and appealing luxury with eye-catching, and captivating designs.   -AJ

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