A Few Thoughts On The 2016 Olympics

Whether you are sports fanatic or have been roped into watching the occasional Superbowl or playoff game, you must agree, the 2016 Olympics is two weeks of pure enjoyment, even for just the competitors’ personal backstories. With only a few days of competition in beautiful Rio, Brazil, it has been an unbelievable thrill to watch and live vicariously through athletes who are considered the best of the best in the world.

Fortune smiled on the team of Beau Satchelle, in that we have a history of competitive sports backgrounds from playing sports in high school and college. That background and training have a profound influence on the creation and direction of our business. In competitive sports, you have to possess the values of solid work ethic, quality character, focus and consistency, and remarkable goal setting. These same values are uncompromising for Beau Satchelle.

So in the spirit of celebrating the 2016 Olympics, as we prepare for our fall product reveal, we wanted to share with our readers, 3 winning traits that Olympic Athletes possess that we continuously work to build with Beau Satchelle:

1. Passion – The personal stories that are told in regards to Olympian Athletes is that most, if not all, dream of being the best at a young age and setting goals to compete at the highest level. Their love of the game is simply awe-inspiring! Passion is what drives a person to be exceptional whether it is on the field, the pool, or the gym. That perfectionist is found within our Master Leather Artisan in creating a bespoke item. His passion to produce a work of leather art that is incomparable with any of Beau Satchelle’s competitors and his commitment to being the best ambassador in the space of handcrafted luxury leather is unparallel. Our team’s intensity is deep, our devotion is unwavering and we embrace the saying “failure is not an option”.

2. Training – A gold medal winner listening to his or her country’s national anthem, is the utmost acknowledgement of dedication to years, maybe decades of training to the chosen sport. Similarly, Beau Satchelle’s latest creations at a trunk show or a model carrying our bag on an international runway is the end result to thousands and thousands of hours alone in the studio creating the perfect bag. Learning the nuances of different skins reaction to being handled in the sewing process, discovering a stitching rhythm, the ability to know the right tension to pull the thread with your hands so that every individual stitch looks flawless and the self motivation to stay with it until the job is finish. Training to the point that that it looks effortless.

3. Striving for perfection – chasing the dream of earning a gold, silver or bronze medal is the ultimate reward for an athlete. In interviews, athletes constantly speak about striving for perfection. Whether that is receiving the least deductions, knocking off seconds on the race, scoring the most points, the smallest detail synchronized, beating the world record, defeating your rival. Never satisfied with mediocrity.

Watching a Master Artisan’s commitment to perfected the craft of sewing leather is mesmerizing and fascinating. Beau Satchelle’s team asks everyday, “Did we do our best?”. Did we source the most beautiful skins to craft into exquisite luxury products? Were the hand-cuts the absolute straightest? Did hand-stitching with a pricking iron, an awl and two needles and thread surpass the work of a sewing machine? Did the Beau Satchelle bag give the purchaser tremendous pleasure? Did we give exceptional service? As we continue to grow our business, like an Olympian, complacency is never a choice. -AJ

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