7 Fall Handbag Trends Beau Satchelle Is Watching In 2016

September 2016 we salute you! Your predictability over seasonal changes with your cohort, the Artist, aka Mother Nature spreading her love of color particularly in the Midwest. The days grow shorter while the temperature begins to cool as Mother Earth prepares for its winter hibernation. Charities are gearing up for their fall and winter fundraisers. And those of us in the retail industry, preparations are intensifying for the upcoming holiday season.

September also ushers in a month of pure delight as Fashion Weeks gets underway, first in New York then London, Milan and Paris. While following the unveiling of designers’ collections, Beau Satchelle keeps a close eye on designer’s choices for handbags collaborations. Needless to say, because of our bespoke background, many styles are too trendy and will not be embraced for our design consideration. However, we understand that attentiveness to certain trends can be incorporated into classic leather styles without compromising our design integrity.

So these are the 7 Fall Trends that Beau Satchelle is keeping an eye on:

‘Hair on’ Skin or Genuine Exotic Handbags – No question that we embrace the sexiness and luxuriousness of what this style does for a handbag. Such as the above accompanying picture (red python) we selected for this blog, the more premium and exotic the skin, the better. The trends we noted integrate deep, rich dyed colors that make a handbag pop! We have seen cow leathers incorporated with alligator, python and ostrich for the side gussets or handles as contrasts to have just a touch of exotic. Beau Satchelle is currently in the design stage of an alligator leather satchel handbag that is so versatile that it can be worn both day and night. We will be introducing more modern colors but the cut, design and production will stay true to old world design.

Wristlets for Smart phones – For the woman on the go who finds it so unnecessary to carry a handbag for a weekend day around town, leather wristlets appeared on the runway as a useful but beautiful accessory. Compact enough for the most essential items: your smartphone, your id and, of course, your plastic. Safe and secure on your wrist, accessible to reach your items at a moment’s notice, while catching the eye and envy of anyone who recognizes someone with style that speaks “unassuming” with a small luxurious wristlet.

Backpacks – This accessory has never really lost its trend setting ways, but backpacks aren’t just manufactured to being the bag to carry schoolbooks. Runways are showing backpacks as an alternative handbag for the office or running around the city. Designers are incorporating print leather, as well as different textiles to mix with leather and even very high end premium exotics. The introduction of Beau Satchelle’s traditional backpacks will stay true to our brand with the exception of accommodating mobile technology that is necessary for today’s professional.

Cross Body Bags – The one leather bag a woman must own! Large enough to fit all essentials and just a little bit more. Designed with long straps or chain so that the user can wear across the body (hence the name) which characterized it as secure, utilitarian and stylish. The range of styles and textiles are eclectic and designers are all over the spectrum as to studded details or hand painted leather or even animal hair.

Day and Night Clutches – Versatility is quintessential when it comes to clutches. Busy female professionals are looking for a clutch that can be dressed down for a daytime event, but can make the seamless switch to a couture affair in the evening. The range of details that we noticed on clutches traveling down the runway was limitless. The use of Swarkovski crystals, pearls, stones, diamonds, metals, feathers was mind blowing…just small details to elevate the richness of a clutch handbag!

Fanny Packs – Okay… not really a style that Beau Satchelle will embrace, but this trend was too fun to not resist mentioning. Yes, lovers of leather, for those of you who grew up in the 80s, the fanny pack is back but better than ever. We spotted some fierce premium leather fanny packs that look more like petite mini satchels that are belted around the waist with assortment of embellishments and chains to catch the eye of trend watchers.

We are so excited to see how designers are pushing the envelope when it comes to the trends and styles of handbags and look forward to bringing out our own elements of style that will make our fans just as proud to carry a Beau Satchelle.

What handbag trends excite you this Fall. Chat with us on Social Media!

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