10 Success Habits of A Small Growing Luxury Business

After last week’s blog regarding the Olympics and what lessons we derive from the experiences of the absolute top athletes in their respective fields, a curious reader inquired as to our specific habits that keep us focused on “the main things” in building a luxury leather business.

As with any creative business, Beau Satchelle has for the most part, two main areas: the creative side (the design and production of our leather goods) and the sales/marketing end (getting our products seen and sold). Our success in these two areas are determined by building consistent, small steps every day that stimulates momentum and progress over time.

For Beau Satchelle, keeping our eye on the prize, a successful luxury leather company, requires us to practice the following ten habits:

1. Maintaining a Healthy Body – not suggesting to necessarily be in shape to perform a marathon (unless that is the goal), but at least creating the physical routines for endurance on those long days that support good energy and fitness in the area of exercise and healthy eating.

2. Maintaining Healthy Mind Set – Reading positive and intelligent materials and books, listening to educational podcasts, watching You Tube channels of other entrepreneurs, networking with other business owners keeps us sharp and encouraged. More importantly, having a great sense of humor will keep you sane!

3. Gratitude – the daily grind of a business can be draining and challenging. To keep a perspective on what’s truly important, acknowledging what we are grateful for comes in different forms whether that be through prayer, writing in a journal, using this blog to publicly acknowledge who and what we are thankful for or just recognizing our teammates value to this business is worth its’ weight in gold. Showing gratitude to others is limitless and appreciated.

4. Revisiting our North Star and measuring milestones – Questions that we constantly ask ourselves: Our we staying consistent to the overall vision of Beau Satchelle? Do our daily actions support the direction of our business? Do we make good decisions based on our overall goals for the day, month, and year? Do we have the right measurements in place to determine our progress?

5. Avoiding procrastination – Start the day tackling the one “to do” you would rather avoid. Making the tough phone call, telling someone no, dealing with an impatient client. Once it’s over, the rest of your day becomes a walk in the park.

6. Priorities and delegation – Sticking to what’s important and learning to block out everything else. With so many distractions, entrepreneurs can convince themselves that their busy and overworked, but only wasting time on non-essentials. Our mantra “time waits for no one” is what keeps us focused. The holidays are rapidly approaching and we are planning next spring’s unveil.

7. Being quiet- For our Master Artisan, T. Michael’s quiet time happens by getting up super early (with the rooster) and begins by visualizing his day. This can include meditating, writing in a journal, or taking a walk or run. Just being alone with your thoughts can generate creativity and mindfulness.

8. Being consistent – setting schedules, practicing your craft relentlessly, doing the small and right things over and over. Overnight sensations are those who put in years of persistent hard work.

9. Record the journey – writing down our goals, debriefing our events, using this blog as our historical record gives us the ability to look at our progress and record our experiences.

10. Being accountable – be answerable to yourself, your business partners, your audience. Do what you say and say what you mean. From the tiniest verbal promise to signing a contract on a big deal. This one habit can make or break your business.

Working in and on a business can be a blur at times which is why the above habits are critical for our success. This is in no way a complete list, but it keeps us focused and we hope that those who follow us have recognized our habits in practice by way of our luxury creations and how we do business. -AJ

Love to hear your thoughts. Let us know what good habits keep you successful through your entrepreneurial journey on social media.

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